Physical And Yearly Well Exams, DOT Exams, And Immunizations

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Having an annual physical exam is important to ensure ongoing health for patients of all ages. In addition, having all of the appropriate immunizations ensures that patients don’t contract certain serious illnesses. The Medical Group of Englewood offers physical and yearly well exams and immunizations to adults throughout Bergen County, New Jersey. To make an appointment for a well exam or to schedule immunizations, please contact the office today.

Physical and Yearly Well Exams, DOT Exams, and Immunizations Q & A

What is a physical?

A physical is a medical examination designed to make sure that you’re physically capable of engaging in activity that puts a strain on your body. Physicals are usually required before you can begin playing a sport or before you begin a new job.

During a physical, a member of the staff will begin by taking your vital signs, including your temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. Next, one of the doctors at The Medical Group of Englewood will perform a thorough physical exam. If the doctor finds any problems during the physical, they may order additional tests before clearing you to participate in strenuous activity.

In many cases, you’ll need to have your physical completed by a certain deadline. To ensure that you have your physical done before the deadline, be sure to make your appointment as soon as possible.

What is a yearly well exam?

A yearly well exam is an exam performed each year to evaluate your current health and look for any problems. During your yearly well exam, a member of the staff at The Medical Group of Englewood will take your vitals, and your doctor will perform a thorough physical exam. They may also order blood tests to evaluate certain aspects of your health, such as your cholesterol level.

If you need vaccinations, such as a flu shot, your doctor may administer these during your yearly well exam as well.

What is an immunization?

Immunizations keep you from catching certain illnesses, such as tetanus or diphtheria. In most cases, an immunization involves an injection. The injection contains a weakened or dead form of a pathogen, such as a virus. Your body’s immune system learns how to recognize and fight the pathogen so you won’t get sick if you ever come into contact with it again in the future.

While some immunizations last for many years, others need to be repeated on a regular basis.

Are immunizations safe?

Immunizations are generally safe. Some immunizations may cause mild side effects, such as swelling or bruising at the injection site. However, serious complications from immunizations are rare. In addition, the possible risks and complications of the disease immunizations prevent are much more serious.