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In cases where patients are ready to leave the hospital but not ready to return home, a subacute rehabilitation center is often the best option. In this facility, the patient is able to transition out of a hospital setting while still receiving skilled nursing care. The Medical Group of Englewood is proud to offer patient management in subacute rehabilitation centers to patients in Bergen County, New Jersey, and the surrounding area. To learn more about patient management in subacute rehabilitation centers, please call The Medical Group of Englewood today.

Patient Management in Subacute Rehabilitation Centers Q & A

What is a subacute rehabilitation center?

Subacute rehabilitation centers are establishments designed to provide services to patients who need continuing care but are preparing to return to their own homes in the near future. In many cases, the patients in a subacute rehabilitation center have had surgery or were recently hospitalized for another reason.

Subacute rehabilitation centers provide you with a range of services, including skilled nursing care, rehabilitative services, monitoring, and more. While you’re in this type of facility, you’ll also enjoy a more comfortable, home-like environment. The goal of the subacute rehabilitation center is to help you continue on the path to recovery and prepare for your return home.

When is a subacute rehabilitation center appropriate?

Care in a subacute rehabilitation center may be appropriate if you’ve just had surgery and you can be discharged from the hospital, but you aren’t ready to go home yet. It may also be appropriate if you’ve recently been hospitalized for an acute or chronic illness and you can’t care for yourself without assistance yet.

Patients often come to subacute rehabilitation centers if they need IV therapy, pain management, wound care, restorative rehabilitation, or post-surgical care. Once you no longer need these services, you’ll be able to return home.

How does The Medical Group of Englewood manage patients in subacute rehabilitation centers?

The Medical Group of Englewood has a staff of professionals that offer patient management services for patients in subacute rehabilitation centers. Our doctors come to the rehabilitation center on a regular basis to check in with you, see how your recovery is progressing, and make important decisions about your care.

Depending on your progress during any given visit, the doctor may make changes to your medication, recommend new treatments, or alter your rehabilitation program.

How long do patients remain in subacute rehabilitation centers?

Every patient is different. The length of your stay in the subacute rehabilitation center will depend on your condition when you arrive and the progress you make during recovery. If you’re concerned about how long you’ll need to stay in the subacute rehabilitation center, ask your doctor for more information.


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