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When patients need ongoing help to meet their physical and/or emotional needs, a long-term care center may be required. At a long-term care center, patients have access to care from skilled professionals around the clock. The Medical Group of Englewood offers patient management in long-term care centers to patients in Bergen County, New Jersey. To learn more about this service, please contact The Medical Group of Englewood today.

Patient Management in Long-Term Care Centers Q & A

What is a long-term care center?

A long-term care center is a special facility designed to provide services to people who need ongoing medical and personal care that isn’t available at home. People may remain in long-term care facilities for weeks, months, or even years, depending on their needs. Many people move to long-term care facilities after spending some time in the hospital.

When do patients need a long-term care center?

Patients may need to stay in a long-term care center if they need help with:

  • Dressing
  • Walking
  • Using the bathroom
  • Bathing
  • Taking medication
  • Eating
  • Cleaning up after themselves
  • Completing physical therapy exercises
  • Preventing injuries
  • Grooming themselves
  • Managing personal hygiene

Many people will need help with at least one of these tasks at some point during their lives, but they may not need long-term care. Some patients may simply need extra help at home or a short stay in a rehabilitation center instead. If you’re concerned that you or a loved one may need long-term care, talk to your doctor at Medical Group of Englewood for more information.

How does The Medical Group of Englewood manage patients in long-term care centers?

The Medical Group of Englewood offers a wide range of services for patients in long-term care centers. The doctors at our practice visit patients in long-term care centers on a regular basis to see how they’re doing. When a doctor visits you, they may check your chart, perform a physical exam, and ask questions about how you’ve been feeling.

During each visit, the doctor will also consider making changes to your medication or treatment program.

Do patients go home from long-term care centers?

Many patients eventually return home after being in a long-term care center. However, others may stay in the facility for much longer.

You may need long-term care temporarily if you:

  • Are recovering from surgery
  • Are recovering from a severe illness
  • Are recovering from a severe injury
  • Need to rehabilitate after a hospital stay

You may need long-term care permanently if you:

  • Have a chronic medical condition
  • Are permanently disabled
  • Have dementia
  • Have chronic severe pain
  • Need ongoing supervision


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