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When patients are too sick to come to the doctor’s office, the doctor should come to them. The Medical Group of Englewood is proud to be one of a few practices in Bergen County, New Jersey, that offers house calls to patients who can’t make it into the office. If you’re interested in learning more about house calls or scheduling an appointment, please contact The Medical Group of Englewood today.

House Calls Q & A

What is a house call?

A house call is a doctor visit in which the doctor comes to the home of the patient, instead of asking the patient to come to the office. House calls are beneficial for patients who aren’t able to come to the office.

What are the benefits of house calls?

House calls offer several benefits to patients, including:

No need to leave home - Patients who opt for house calls can stay in the comfort of their own homes and still get the medical care they need.

Less exposure to germs - When the doctor comes to your home, you won’t be exposed to the germs on the way to the doctor’s office or in the office itself.

No need to arrange transportation - Some patients can’t come to the doctor’s office because they’re unable to arrange transportation. If you have trouble arranging transportation, a house call allows you to see the doctor at your home.

Less anxiety - House calls can be more comfortable and less anxiety-provoking for patients, especially those dealing with complicated conditions or serious illnesses.

When are house calls appropriate?

House calls aren’t appropriate for every patient. House calls may be necessary if you’re:

  • Unable to leave the house because of serious illness or disability
  • Immunocompromised and unable to be exposed to germs
  • Incapable of traveling to the doctor’s office because of a lack of transportation

What can the doctor do during a house call?

During a house call, the doctor can perform many of the same services that they perform in the office. For example, the doctor can take your blood pressure, temperature, and pulse. They can also perform a physical exam and talk to you about how you’ve been feeling.

If you need a medication refill, you can discuss this need with your doctor during a house call. In addition, if the doctor determines that you need a new medication or a medication change, they can prescribe it at this time. Finally, if the doctor determines that you need any kind of testing or treatment that needs to take place in a lab or hospital, he can order the tests during your house call.


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